Trading Engine

Together with a small local proprietary trading firm, we used the Solution Space core libraries to create a trading engine to participate in low-latency, high frequency spread trading. As the financial markets are an extremely efficient and Darwinian environment, the project primarily focused on performance and latency. During a benchmark test, we measured performance up to microsecond intervals so as to fine-tune the software and to ensure optimal performance.

Obviously stability and reliability are essential; a bug in the software can result not just in a very frustrated user, but can possibly negatively affect the P&L of the trader. As such, the testing regime is strict.

Naturally, we are proud that our software works so well in this high-performance industry. But more than that, it is our proof of versatility. The fact that the exact same software core can be deployed in a digital signage solution or in an automated trading system proves its suitability to real-time information exchange.