Train Information Display Systems

RATIS (Rail Travel Information System) shows train arrival times, disruption information, a crawler with generic text messages and advertisements to commuters of the North-South and East-West line of the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit. RATIS is considered a legacy system, being more than ten years old.

Boon Lay Extension

Two new stations, Pioneer and Joo Koon were added to the SMRT east west line infrastructure in 2008. We developed the software for those two stations.

RATIS Screen Replacements

After we completed the Boon Lay extension, it became possible to replace existing RATIS screens with Vides-based modern technology as well.

Vides can scale layouts to preserve optimal visual quality even when the initial layout design was for a screen with a smaller resolution (but with the same aspect ratio). For example, font anti-aliasing or high definition movies are shown in the screen’s native resolution, even if the layout dictates a ‘legacy’ resolution. This makes system maintenance much easier.

The new screens use Linux (SolLinux) as operating system, which makes system maintenance easier still.

North South Line Extension

The latest addition to the SMRT network will be a station under Marina Bay (under construction). We are currently working on the software system that will be used there, identical to BLE. The opening of the new station is expected to be sometime in 2013.