Announcement Systems

The real-time and public nature of automatic announcement and public address systems make them very natural extensions to the Solution Space software.

Praesideo OpenInterface and Linux

All our announcement systems are based on the Bosch Praesideo digital public address infrastructure. To allow our Linux backend to control the Praesideo hardware, we implemented a C++ library using Bosch’s Praesideo OpenInterface specification.


TAPAS (Thailand Automatic Public Announcement System) is designed to use pre-recorded human voice fragments and combine them into configurable sentences, resulting in a natural sounding sentence.

The system controls a multitude of Bosch Preasideo equipment via its OpenInterface, and configures the equipment to set up an audio path to all the required target zones.

In TAPAS, any number of languages can be configured and used. For each language, a sentence can be built up using a template of fragments, or references to data pertaining to database records. The Linguist module can stress syllables, add inflections, fall back to a robot-voice if no fragments exist and so on. The Linguist provides a set of localization functions to the announcement template designer, for example how to construct a natural number from digit fragments in a particular language.  A series of configurable rules determine which events need announcing, in which language(s) and how often.

The system operates hands-free; data streaming from the local FIDS provides the live-feed needed to automatically generate calls. A series of flexible timers and a queuing module allow the operator to manually cancel an announcement in case of a mistake made in FIDS. Finally, in case of a FIDS failure, a user interface is available to generate events as if they originated from the FIDS feed.