Solution Space is an IT services company that provides consultancy, research, design and development services for software systems. Founded in 2003 in Singapore, Solution Space is privately held by its three directors.

Although we develop software for any platform, we particularly believe in the power, versatility and openness of Linux, and as such are primarily a Linux shop. We are predominantly experienced in designing and implementing software for large information systems, but we love an intellectual challenge and will (and have) take on a project in a completely alien domain if it grabs our interest. Our expertise ranges from high-level large system architectures to low-level tweaking of the Linux kernel code. An average experience of over 10 years in the industry and continuous honing of skills enable us to take advantage of innovative techniques in software engineering. An important aspect of Solution Space is that we actually love our job and continuously raise the technological bar for ourselves to make things even more interesting.

Often, software has to run 24 hours, 7 days a week and failure of operating systems or application software can lead to significant costs and a lot of frustration. To provide solid reliability and ensure the highest up-time figures for such environments, Solution Space focuses on building on stable foundations and we ensure the developed software is rigorously tested before release.

  • Pinxi, styles
  • DMM, block diagram
  • ELSE, Alert Panel
  • Vides, FIDS
  • Mimic, right click to interact
  • TAPAS, system diagram
  • Vides, an advertisement in the RATIS
  • Pinxi, canvas
  • DMM, flow of information

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