Queue Management

Our Electronic Queue Management Systems (EQMS) combines a ticket issuing kiosk and operator based queue-calling system with a display system. The system has been in use since 2005 in the Supreme Court of Singapore. The EQMS assists the judges and judicial officers in managing the queue of lawyers attending chamber hearings. We currently maintain the EQMS software for the Supreme Court.

The system has several features customized for the domain; such as automated SMS sending to notify lawyers at the time they are soon to be called in for their hearing, and a stand-down function such that either the lawyers or the judicial officer can control when the hearing continues.

The system interfaces with the legacy Electronic Filing System (EFS) to obtain a case list. EFS is currently being replaced with a system called iELS. The EQMS judicial officer functionality will be brought into iELS, and the new interface will be using WebServices/SOAP.